From Accademia Del Lusso to having her own brand; Interviewing Marzia Di Seglio

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Born in the town of Pontecorvo, Marzia Di Seglio has always had a passion for footwear. As a child, she used to play dress up and try on her mother’s high-heels for fun. As a grown up, she decided to turn her passion into a profession. To this end, after graduating from school, she enrolled at Accademia Del Lusso in Rome, which let her to aquire the necessary skills to create her very own brand.

What made you choose Accademia Del Lusso?

I chose Accademia Del Lusso because I was attracted by the possibility of learning the ropes from actual professionals who are active and established within the industry.

How was your experience there? What’s your fondest memory?

My experience was a memorable one. If I could, I would start it all over again tomorrow! My fondest memory is definitely the practical experience on the field. It really is the best way the bridge the gap between academics and the actual profession. Even though the teachers follow you every step of the way, they still give you the freedom to make your own creative choices which allows you to learn from your mistakes. Since you end up having such a direct contact with the teachers, it feels like both them, you and your classmates embark on the same amazing journey together.


What happened after you graduated? Did you go job hunting or did you immediately start working on creating your own brand?

I started working on my own brand almost immediately after having graduated. I did this despite knowing how much time and hard work it was going to take from a creative and a business perspective.

Tell us about your collection. What inspired it? Who is the target demographic? How did it start? How useful was your time at Accademia Del Lusso for this venture?

All my creations are a celebration of womanhood, of it’s natural beauty and it’s inherent strength. The intent behind it all is to convey emotions and genuine, authentic stories. When I design footwear, I take inspiration from the world around me. Sometimes it’s a faithful transposition, sometimes I make it “prettier” with shimmering Swarovski crystals and pearls. All my work is made from authentic, high-end Italian fabrics and materials. The production itself is handled by two very skilled craftspersons: Giovanna D’Ulisse and Francesca Latini, who are the heads of our small but important production lab located in Rome. My work is centered around the luxury sector and all of it is hand-made. It is made up of exclusive fashion items that go well beyond fleeting trends and are truly enduring. They are meant for women who have class, elegance and a dash of eccentricity. My studies made it so I knew what I was doing when I planned out my collection. Thanks to my time at Accademia Del Lusso I orchestrated and launched successful trend research campaigns, carried out the necessary graphic design work, chose the right materials and ultimately conveyed it all in the proper way.


Would you reccommend Accademia Del Lusso? If so, for what reasons?

I consider myself very lucky, priviledged even, to have been able to study at Accademia Del Lusso. I would reccommend it to everyone interested in a serious, focused, job-oriented program. It’s certainly the best place to foster and stimulate your creativity and transform it into a profession.

Photos provided by Marzia Di Seglio
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