Fashion Design 3-Year Course

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Cecilia Morales

3-Year Course in Fashion Design

2017-18 Academic Year


I’d describe my experience at Accademia del Lusso as a dream that’s taking shape every day.

The first pieces of the mosaic are made up without a doubt by the teachers I’ve met during my experience and who have helped me transform a natural passion into solid professional skills. I’d consider them to be the pillars of Accademia del Lusso, as they know exactly how to convey knowledge and passion.

Each of the teachers is important in their own way. Although I appreciate the professionalism of them all, I’d say that the teachers who’ve left a lasting mark are Manuel Barbieri, who teaches Personal Branding, Simona Serra, who teaches Knitwear, and Barbara Sordi, who teaches Fashion Product and who is the Head of Studies at Accademia del Lusso.

My big passion for fashion was passed on to me by my mother. Growing up, I realised that she had understood perhaps even before I did that there was talent to nurture. When I arrived at Accademia del Lusso, I only brought my enthusiasm with me, and the staff have managed to surprise me over the years and stimulate my creativity thanks to the high teaching quality and the availability of the people who work there.

I’ve learnt to develop my creativity and professionalism and to really care about attention to detail; all of this, united with the shared experience of the teachers, has improved my skills and taught me how to use them in the world of work.

When I stepped over the threshold of Accademia del Lusso for the first time, I had many fears and uncertainties. These quickly faded away however thanks to the professionalism and the kindness of the staff who are very welcoming to all students, and who ensure that importance is given to each one. They demonstrate professionalism and passion for their work, and with smiles and a friendly demeanour are always ready to encourage and correct. After two years of hard work I can definitely say that their teaching methods, with the added value of kindness, are contributing to shape us all not only professionally but also on a personal level.

Accademia del Lusso has a basic principle that gives it the wow factor: it provides opportunities. During my studies I had the pleasure of exhibiting my creations during two events, which were the end-of-year fashion shows Now Generations_2016 and You|nique_2017.

I take what I do very seriously, between commitment, fatigue, passion and privileges, in order to obtain excellent results. And I’m proud to admit that I have seen results, which have been very satisfying. Each grade and comment by the teachers have always given me such a strong feeling. I reached the peak on stage where my commitment (and theirs) was rewarded through the approval of others: it was fantastic to feel the adrenaline of seeing my creations on the catwalk, and it was a very personal satisfaction that was also linked to family. It’s a sensation that makes you feel good and makes you proud and feel rewarded by all the effort you put in. The feeling you have the day after is equally wonderful: when you find yourself alone with your thoughts, you smile and think “It really happened!”