Luz’s experience of Accademia del Lusso

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Among the things that Accademia del Lusso cares about the most are its students’ satisfaction and fulfilment, both during their studies and afterwards in the world of work. For that reason, it’s always gratifying when we receive positive feedback, like in the case of Luz Del Carmen ( 3-Year Course in Fashion Styling & Communication ), who was very happy to tell us about her experience…

Hi, I’m Luz and I’m a former student of Accademia del Lusso – I took the three-year course in Styling. I’m from Mexico and I chose Milan because it seemed like quite a transgressive city in the fashion sector, and I think the Italian opinion on the subject is very important. I think if I’d gone to London or New York then I’d have found such a lot of everything, a really wide variety but without a true standard, without a real guide of what’s beautiful and what’s not. Italy, however, with such an ancient history of aesthetics and arts that’s so well defined, seemed like the right place to study.

I chose Accademia del Lusso because it’s a school that allows you to have your own style, as opposed to others where you already know what to expect of the students and teachers. Here, there’s a complete freedom of expression. During my time at Accademia del Lusso I had a lot of fun, and I encountered truly professional teachers who were very supportive, even when my personal choices were a little different from the study programme; I didn’t intend to make styling my future profession.

I particularly remember with enjoyment the fashion shows, not for my involvement with creating the garments but because I’m fascinated by the organisational part: seeing the birth and “construction” of an idea up to its transformation in a fashion show through the collaboration of many different stylists with different backgrounds and personalities.

My experience at Accademia del Lusso helped a lot with my first steps into the world of work too, especially thanks to the teachers who always gave me advice on how to deal with my choices and act in the best way to achieve my goals. They warned us about the difficult world waiting for us out of here, the fashion sector, into which it’s essential to be introduced through the experience of those who already work there. They helped me understand how to approach the people I would come across and how to best show my commitment and talent.

I currently work as an assistant to various professionals, but I’d like to be able to take my thesis further and write a book about it. Beginning with a study of Umberto Eco, I focussed on the different types of beauty; in the future I’d like to be able to conclude my research by tackling the theme of ugliness too, staying under the supervision of Prof.ssa Laura Del Zoppo, who helped me a lot on the part about aesthetics and the history of fashion and art.

Another wonderful memory of Accademia del Lusso is linked to the photo shooting that then lead to my face being all over the Milan underground! On the day they were taking photos I’d gone into school just to take an exam, but seeing that some of the models hadn’t turned up they asked me to take their place. I’d just shaved my head and my new look probably struck them. They obviously thought it fit well with the type of clothes they’d chosen, which were very unique.

Now it’s strange, really strange, to be travelling on the underground in Milan and see myself on the Accademia del Lusso posters! I even bought a bike to be able to get around without taking the underground so that I didn’t feel embarrassed every time I went past them. In compensation, all my friends send me photos and say: “We didn’t know you’d become such a VIP!” I’m a little embarrassed and laugh every time, but it’s fun and I’m happy…