Roberta Rocca, former student at Accademia del Lusso

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Accademia del Lusso’s talents. A one to one with Roberta Rocca, former student at AdL and current full-time intern at Maison Chanel. Intense training in Brand Management, particularly in relation to the luxury sector, and a big desire to grow and to learn…


Hi Roberta, can you tell us about your studies at AdL? Hi everyone, I’m Roberta, I’m 23 years old and I’ll gladly tell you about my study path at AdL. I started a Master’s Course at Accademia del Lusso shortly after graduating in Business Economics and, to continue down this path I decided to concentrate on studying Marketing and Fashion Business linked exclusively to the luxury sector. I actually chose a combination of term-long courses in Brand Management and I’ve just entered the world of work thanks to a full-time internship offered to me by Chanel.


What role do you have in the company? What type of tasks do you carry out? I’m doing a 3-month internship. Up until now I’ve been dealing with the management and familiarity of warehouse stock, mentoring senior salespeople in the boutique, and doing training courses about the brand. I’m finding this work experience to be totally unique and a launch pad that I can put in my CV.


How do you view the Fashion sector? Currently I see the fashion sector as a world that can offer ample job opportunities in Italy, especially for us young people who have just finished school or university.


What is important, in your opinion, in order to progress in the world of fashion? I think that passion, determination, and a willingness to learn and to grow are fundamental today; these aspects motivate you and they’ll definitely be rewarded. Fashion is like that too.