Interview with Wenting Wang, student of the One Year Course in Collection Planning & Merchandising

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We had the chance to meet up with a group of Chinese students who have chosen to undertake one of the courses at Accademia Del Lusso in order to strengthen their professional profiles.

After a lesson with professor Stefano Sacchi we took the chance to ask Wenting Wang who graciously volunteered for an interview

In China you have worked in this sector for a while. What type of work do you?

I work in the marketing department of a company that produces high range apparel. I take care of brand promotion and visual development as well as the promotion of other European brands that are currently being managed by them.

Why did you choose to study at Accademia Del Lusso?

My company suggested it. They considered it an absolute necessity for me to come to this school to round out my professional profile.

Why would you say Milan is the right city to study fashion?

Milan is famous for it’s fashion week, which is one of the four main fashion weeks in the world. It’s Italy’s most fashionable city. In China, Milan is known as the fashion capital of the world. I reside in the Montenapoleone area so I am right in the epicenter of Milan’s fashion scene. The lessons I’ve been taking have allowed me to learn so much about Italian fashion and art history.

What has been the most memorable experience for you at Accademia?

When we went to Armani Silos. It was an experience that completely changed my perception of this brand. In China it’s considered one that has a mature target demographic. By visiting Silos, I discovered a whole new world of Armani fashion products geared towards a younger consumer base.

Do you think you have grown professionally from this experience?

Yes, absolutely. I have had the chance to delve deeper into subject matter I wasn’t very familiar with before but I have dealings with on a daily basis in my job. I am confident I will be able to channel what I learned here at Accademia Del Lusso into future projects for my company. I will surely reccomend this school to all my colleagues.