Greta Vianini | Fashion Product Design One Year

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Thinking back at your time at Accademia, what projects did you learn the most from?

The final project of the Fashion Design program, (the creation of a womenswear collection for the 2019/20 fall-winter seasons) and the preparations for the end of the year fashion show were without a doubt the most involving and gainful academic experiences. They allowed me to develop on a personal and a professional level.

Among the courses you took, which do you think was the most useful?

All of them to be honest. They were a great as a first contact with the fashion world. They allowed me realize how vast and expansive it is.

What made you choose Accademia del Lusso?

A friend of mine took a fashion course in Treviso. She called it the best time of her life and said she found a job right after she graduated. I hoped the same could happen for me in Milan.

On the 5th of June 2018, you had the chance to show off your designs in the Fashion Show “In_Materia”. For your outfit, you decided to delve into 3D printing technology. What inspired you to adopt this approach?

I have always been fascinated by science and technology. I love research and multidisciplinary approaches to creative projects. I think juxtaposing fashion and science is the way forward for this industry; I like the fact that my outfit exemplified this notion.

Do you think you will implement 3D technology again moving forward?

Yes I would love to keep getting better at it. I have so many abstract ideas that I would really love to make real. I have the “how” and the “why” figured out. All I need now is the “when” and the “where”.

 One Year Fashion Product Design

The following is a question for Barbara LG Solrdi, the head of academics at Accademia Del Lusso and the art director for In_Materia: As head of academics, will you be start introducting more experimentation with new technologies in the fashion world?

I agree that new applied technologies are the way forward in this industry. They certainly can’t be overlooked in academic settings. We are currently investing in new programs that deal with 3D design and have partnered with Lectra. We are also looking into purchasing 3D software that deals specifically with the creation of Footwear, Accessories and Interior Design as well as 3D printers.