Serena ESSE, a story born in the Accademia del Lusso

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Who is Serena ESSE?

I’m Serena Pistilli, but everyone knows me as Esse. I’m a 28 years old, born in Rome, a city I absolutely love. Throughout my years of studying in school and college, I never overlooked my true passions: acting and dancing.

Such was my passion for dancing, I ended up opening my very own Carrabean dance school where I taught this style of dancing and trained people so they could apply for dance competitions. Eventually, I ended up with a group of expert dance students with which I entered national and international dance competitions.

I say this because it’s my passion for dance that pathed the way for me to express my creativity in the fashion design sector. Having always loved fashion, I asked myself, if I have such a natural inclination towards creating dance outfits, why not try and make my very own fashion line? This was about 5 or 6 years ago.

I left the dance school to finish my studies, regardless of my diminished enthusiasm for the subject matter. In the meantime, I had started working in the world of public relations as an event organiser. Once I graduated, I was happy to finally dedicate myself to what I was truly interested in. Enter Accademia Del Lusso.

What made you choose Accademia Del Lusso?

I searched far and wide before settling on my choice. Accademia Del Lusso caught my attention due to favorable reviews. I attended a meeting there and what really sealed the deal for me was the kindness and professionalism of their staff. That, and the fact that among the course offered, there was one that felt like it would be absolutely perfect for me!

How was your experience there? What is your fondest memory?

A great and enlightening experience. I was used to a vastly different academic path so it was essential for me to learn the basics to be able to access this fascinating world. I had the pleasure and the good luck to learn from industry professionals, take part in a master program taught by leading industry experts and be granted access various fashion shows and catwalks. Most of all, I got to know wonderful people who are still in my life to this day. These people include professor Tiziano Milani, who I studied marketing with and who kept providing valuable advice and guidance even after I completed my studies; the amazing Laura Gramigna, who was always readily available to assist students and who was like a mother to us all; most of all, I have to mention Viviana Rosati, a great friend and collegue who helped me create my clothing line.

I have a hard time singling out a single fondest memory. There’s so many to choose from! But I suppose if I absolutely have to pick, it would be the last fashion show In_Materia which took place in Piazza di Spagna. I helped behind the scenes and after that I had a front row seat to the show. I’d actually like to take this opportunity to once again congratulate Accademia on the event itself during which all the students (including Viviana) had a chance to show off their amazing designs.

What did you do after graduating? Did you find a job or get to work on creating your own brand?

After completing my master program I decided to travel abroad to Miami. It’s the only place I would ever consider living aside from Rome. I plan to move there some day.

After I got back to Italy, I started working for a company that specializes in organizing events. After that I focused on my brand: Serena Esse.

Tell us about your brand: how did it come about? What inspired you? What’s the target demographic?

Serena Esse was created a few months ago, in March of 2018.

In only 3 months I managed to design my first small swimwear collection, I found a lab, got the fabrics and materials, carried out the campaign, took take of the logistic andprocedural stuff, created a catalogue, took take of the e-commerce and social media component and opened 3 outlets in Lazio. I also orchestrated a variety of events and shows. Those ended up being 3 very intense, stressful but ultimately very gratifying months.

These swimsuits reflect the concept of made in Italy at their core. Every creative processes involved in making them took place in Italy.

The brand is intended as a way to make swimwear elegant again. From a beach setting to a pool party setting, to a trendy party, each item in the collection is created to match a different personality type.

What makes them unique is their style and the fact that they can be worn year-round underneath regular clothing, particularly the more glamorous ones.

Depending on which item they choose, a lot can be gleaned about the personality type of each customer. The target demographic would be women from age 20 to 40. The kind of woman who likes to be noticed and who is comfortable being at the center of attention. Women who are bold and feminine, Aside from the quality, what makes the brand stand out i show sperimental and differenti each item is in regards to the shapes and designs employed. This swimwear is pret à couture. It boasts rich detailing, embroidery, lace, pleated fabric, frills and lots of other components that makes it standout compared to standard swimwear.

How useful were your studies? Would you recommend Accademia Del Lusso? If so, why?

Absolutely. Without Accademia Del Lusso I never would have received the proper training to undertake this journey. I was given the tools I needed to enter this field, a field that I didn’t know the first thing before enrolling at Accademia. I would recomment this school to everyone. Contary to popular belief, it’s not enough to just have good intuition and creativity to make it in this industry. It’s a world that is hard to navigate, full of challenges, where nepotismi is quite prevalent. You have to know the trade in order to stand out.


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