Interviewing Giulia Spitaleri, third year Fashion Design student

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This September you will start your third year of the Fashion Design program with Accademia Del Lusso. How have you found the program so far and what are your expecations post-graduation?

Above all, this program has allowed me to truly find myself.

On this program I was introduced to the world of design and I started getting a taste of what the future holds, thanks to the practical on-the-field experience the school provides.

Accademia equips students with all the skills and knowledge they need so I am optimistic that I will have plenty of opportunities to work in fields such as: fashion design, graphic design, trends & cool hunting ect.

How has your experience at Accademia been so far?

It has been a very pleasant one so far. Above all, my time here has allowed me to view the world around me in a new light.

Through all the intense and rigorous practical and theorical classes, I ended up discovering a creativity I was never aware of before.

These two years have allowed me to truly find myself, my style and determine what I like and do not like. Something that wasn’t easy for me.

Thank to this, I feel like a more complete version of myself. I am eager to continue this journey of self-discovery in my third year.


What kinds of relationships does one establish in Accademia Del Lusso?

Accademia is like a home away from home. That’s the first thought that comes to mind. I have met wonderful people here who make me feel truly safe and at home. Your classmates become your best friends and the teachers are always available to help you, guide you and pass on all their knowledge and expertise.

Is there a particular moment that stands out to you?

The moments that stand out the most are the end-of-the-year fashion shows.

They give me immense satisfaction because they are a testament of how far I’ve come and how much I’ve advanced personally and professionally throughout these years. They are also a great opportunity to meet students from ADL’s other sites.

On the 5th of June 2018, the “In_Materia” fashion show took place in Milan. A show that featured one of your creations. What inspired you when creating that outfit? What materials did you employ and why?  

I employed an antique aesthetic and added a touch of contemporaty design.

I chose a rather unconventional fabric which ended up contributing to something quite unexpected. Parts of it were translucent, parts were smooth and parts were uneven.

Every one of my creations has always been an invitation to see things from different perspectives and not take everything at face value. I tend to start with something that might seem commonplace at first and then I refashion it into something unique.

The next question is for Barbarda LG Sordi, head of academics at Accademia Del Lusso and art director for In_Materia: The main motif of the show was “materials”. From simple cotton, to linen and silk, to lightweight fibrous netting. Do you think old techniques and materials might just pathe the way for the future of fashion?

For the past few decades I have believed that the past is indeed the way forward. I have always been fascinated by the past, handicraft, and all the techniques man has employed throughout history. I am just as impressed by newer techniques and technology, especially as they pertain to efficiency. Old-school handicraft and technology are starting to work in tandem to create fashion 4.0 which will be an amalgam of the past and the future.

Giulia has done just that. She put a modern and unusual spin on an old-fashioned design. By using fibrous netting, typically an industrial material, she made the final outfit surreal and almost dream-like. A masterpiece that juxtaposes the past and the future.

Prima foto
Photo credit: Sarah Tarves

Seconda foto
Designer: Giulia Spitaleri
Photo credit: Sarah Tarves
Model: Luz Del Carmen
Creative Direction: Barbara LG Sordi
Creative Direction Assistant: Federica Callegari