Matteo Osso, between radio, TV and teaching at the Accademia del Lusso

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Who is Matteo Osso and what does he do in life, aside from teaching?

As someone who’s passionate about story-telling and aesthetics, I managed to translate that passion into a profession thanks to the fashion industry. Aside from being a teacher, I write for fashion magazines and act as a consultant for various companies. I also frequently appear on tv and can be heard on various radio stations. This grants me the opportunity to have a direct line of contact with the public. I find the best way to carry out my job is not to think about the seller or the consumer but rather, to think about those who can only afford to dream. Afterall, you can still look great without “looking good” and with limited monetary wealth. You just need to choose the right outfit and wear it with the right level of confidence and presence.

How does one teach Fashion Styling? How much of it is “science” and how much comes down to personal taste?

If it came down to just the science, it would be too lifeless; If it was just a matter of personal taste, it would be too imprecise. Fashion Styling is the marriage between hard science and emotion. Teaching this subject matter is a huge responsibility. You have to make sure your students strike the delicate balance between staying true to themselves while at the same time venturing out of their comfort zones.

What type of job would you suggest graduates of ADL persue?

I started as a booker. It’s a wonderful job that allowed me to travel and discover a whole new world I never knew about before. It’s a little-known profession that not many consider and no school teaches. As a booker, I learned that the two most important things for a profession in this indistry are to make sure you learn the ropes and to take the good with the bad.

You once said that you can be fashionable without needing to be rich or good looking. Do you still believe this? If so, what’s the secret?

I absolutely do. You need a strong self of self and a lot of personality. In other words “talent”. The best thing about talent in this context is that it is a completely different flavor of talent depending from person to person.

You worked alongside Giusi Ferrè in the popular tv show “Buccia di Banana”.  How is this celebrated icon of Italian fashion journalism behind closed doors?

In my life there are three key female figures: My mother who gave me life, my aunt who saved it and Giusi who changed it. She’s a woman who’s kindness is second only to her intelligence. She’s tough but fair, just like she is on Buccia di Banana. Working with and learning from her has been an absolute honour. Above all though, she’s a friend. I could not imagine a life without her.

What will be prevailing fashion trend of 2019 according to you?

There will be two, quite antithetical prevailing notions: Simplicity and intricacy. I predict these two stylistic notions will overlap and intertwine and form something new. As far as the price tag is concerned, I’m sure it will be well beyond anything reasonable, but that’s part of the appeal.

What has been the worst outfit of 2018?

Pick a look at random from any influencer at random. They can’t take offence because their look is devised by the comapanies who sponsor them.

On tv and on the radio, people often ask you for fashion advice. Which of these requests has stood out to you throught the years?

There was once a 50 year old man who needed a new wardobe because he had decided to start his life over as a woman. I gave up on that one. The technical hurdles were too numerous. The most annoying questions I receive are the ones from women who you know only expect to be told that their fashion sense is already perfect the way it is. I take great satisfaction in tearing whatever notions they have in their head of how perfect they are. We all strive the make the world a better place afterall and I do my part.